Wednesday, June 16, 2010

That's Just Not Right

Woke up this morning to there being no hot water in our apartment. Yea, there went my plan for a morning workout. So I changed gears and worked on some details for the engagement party.. can't believe it's less than two weeks away! While I worked on some top secret details that I will share after the party ;) I ate a bowl of organic raisin bran with skim milk.

Work was hectic today... our school carnival/BBQ is tomorrow so everyone was running around trying to get that set up. Meanwhile, I am trying to pack up my classroom and try and keep summer hungry 6 year olds at bay!

I actually have a funny story for you that has to do with my post title.... I taught a lesson today on mammals. I was bringing up pictures of different animals as examples on the smartboard from National Geographic Kids. I brought up a picture of a camel. As soon as I brought up the picture one of my little boys looked at me with this horrid confused face. Like he was mortified or something. He looked right at me and said, "Ms. Perez, that's just not right". I asked him what he meant. he said, "It's just not right! What happened to that horse?" HAHAHAHAHA it took everything I had not to laugh. I did the right teacher thing don't worry and taught him that it was a camel and not in fact a deformed horse. Just thought I'd share.

Anyway, this was lunch. Leftover pasta and fresh strawberries which were delicious!

When my kids went to gym I practiced my balloon animals for tomorrow (still can't believe I offered to try and learn this). But turns out I am getting better- not great- but better.


Dog of some sort

My afternoon snack I ate around 2 p.m. This was my last Honest Tea :(

Currently, I am waiting for the fiance to get home so we can get some strength training in. As I read blogs I am snacking on 1/2 cup Nature's Promise Garlic Parmesan pita chips with 1/2 cup fresh salsa in my favorite YUM YUM Bowls (they measure out a 1/2 cup).

and they let you know when snack time is over ;)


amanda said...

i somehow randomly came across your blog, but i am ever so happy that i did!

no water is such a disappointment. unless you're coming back from a hot, sweaty run.

engagement parties are such fun! especially when it's your own.

Cassie said...

Hi Amanda! Thanks for commenting because now I got the chance to be introduced to your blog!.. which I also think is great :)

Karla said...

HAHA! Kids are hilarious!
Love the balloon animals!
Enjoy your engagement party!

Michelle @ Give Me the Almond Butter said...

That little boy is too cute! The story definitely brightened up my day :)

Cassie said...

Thanks Karla! and glad the story made you smile Michelle!

Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg said...

Lol...I love that bowl!

We didn't make it to the restaurant-- we actually looked into it, but then when we decided to go to the opera, we were worried that we might miss it if we had a super "slow food" meal. Boo!! But...I guess it gives us a reason to come back, right?! :-)

Engagement parties are very fun!! Congrats on your engagement!

Cassie said...

Thanks Anna!