Wedding Stuff

My fiance and I are getting married July 22, 2011!
This is the most exciting time in my life and I am happy to share it! I will update this page as more events happen during our planning :)

 How We Met (please excuse the horrible fake tan college pictures)

Derek and I met in college. We both attended Quinnipiac University and met our senior year when my roommate starting dating his roommate :)

The Proposal 

It was our first Christmas living together (12/25/2009) and we were excited to spend Christmas morning exchanging presents under our own Christmas tree! Especially me because I was expecting a beautiful diamond necklace that I had been asking for ;)

Derek woke me up at around 7:30 a.m. coffee in hand, and I thought he was crazy!!! LET ME SLEEP! But he said he was excited to open presents, so I got up.

We started exchanging presents... I received an array of lovely gifts (none being the diamond necklace I was waiting for). And I gave Derek quite a few nice gifts too (to which he paid no attention to at the time and I was slowly getting insulted). Then he announced it was time for my last gift! (Yay here comes my necklace!!!) but to my surprise he hands me a card... could it be a gift card? Seriously?

I open the envelope and it was a simple Christmas card that read "Cass, Merry Christmas... One more gift hanging on the tree... Love Santa"

YES!!!! My necklace was going to be hanging on the tree... how cute of him!

I searched the tree for what seemed like an eternity. But mind you I was looking for a hanging necklace and passed by what was actually on the tree quite a few times.

Derek looked like he was sweating... now I started to ask what the hell was going on. Then I saw it.... not a diamond necklace... but a diamond ring... hanging on an ornament hook! I grabbed the ring off the hook and just said "NO WAY".
When I turned around Derek was down on his knees and said, "Cass will you Marry Me?"

The Ceremony and Reception 

The ceremony and reception will take place at:
Pleasantdale Chateau
West Orange, NJ 07052