Food Philosophy

I think food should be loved, it's as simple as that. And don't think I am one of those skinny girls saying that because I can eat whatever I want and not gain a pound- nope not me! I am just like most girls who struggle at times to keep her weight in a normal range and I know how frustrating it is to keep a nice balance between food and exercise! I have gone through the counting calorie and obsessive exercise phases in my life but recently have come to the conclusion that life is short to worry, I don't aim for perfection- I aim for balance. I love food and cupcakes (I have an obsession you will surely figure out soon) to much to be on a constant diet! And I am too lazy to workout two hours a day.. so with that said.. you get someone like me. I workout so I can eat cupcakes :)

My fiance and I try to eat organic 80% of the time. Most of grocery shopping is done at Trader Joe's or Stop and Shop (they have a great affordable organic line called Nature's Promise). As most people do, I love Whole Foods, but with a wedding in the near future, we can't afford to spend our whole paycheck there.

I try and cook most nights during the week and on the weekends most of our meals are eaten out. If I am traveling, I never deprive myself of that gelato or crepes... but just try and even it out with extra walking or maybe a salad at the next meal. I don't count calories but have a really good idea of how many calories are in certain foods. For example, when I was in California last summer I knew that this meal from In-N-Out Burger was full of calories.. but I couldn't go to California without trying it!