Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Engagment Party Favors

I cannot believe it is already the middle of the work week! I knew this week was going to be crazy, but I never expected it to go by this fast! The last two days have been so busy, but as I approach the weekend, I am defiantly feeling better about the engagement party on Saturday. I just want to play catch up on this post... So let's start with Monday....

Monday was rush rush (as always) But I was very productive! I got all my report cards done at school, I bought my students their end of the year gifts,  I scrubbed the apartment clean (and I mean deep clean!), and then I ran to Trader Joe's and picked up some fruit and veggies because we had none left in the apartment!
We are trying to eat everything we have in our fridge and pantry because we leave next Thursday for Italy and I hate wasting food... but I couldn't go a whole week without buying some fruits and veggies ;)

Monday eats....

I know this is not a complete breakfast at all... but I was super late and had no fruit in the apartment :(
Lunch was a new find at the grocery store that has been sitting in my pantry for about two weeks already. And in the effort to eat everything I have I chose to bring this to work and try it. It is an organic mac-n-cheese bowl. You just add water and the cheese sauce in the microwave and you get a healthier mac-n-cheese! I thought it was delicious and very filling because the pasta is actually whole wheat pasta. I had carrots on the side. 

I had to run around after work so I grabbed a bag of pretzels...

After shopping at TJ's Derek stopped and picked us up dinner from a local pizza place. I had half of an eggplant parm sub.

Derek also made me buy this lovely pie at TJ's. I am not a big pie eater at all. I would much prefer chocolate cake or a CUPCAKE!!! but Derek loves pie's and this one caught his eye.
It was a multi-berry pie with cranberries, raspberries, cherries, and blueberries.

See that big piece missing? That's all Derek ;) At least it's organic!

Tuesday was a fun day! I woke up and right away did P90X Legs and Back DVD. Here is Tony Horton on my TV.

That is a great workout! You alternate doing two leg exercises then one back exercise. You do that the whole video so you really never get bored.


Juicy peach and peanut butter crunchy granola bar.

Lunch was fabulous... turkey, swiss, baby spinach, and honey mustard wrap. YUM!

After school on Tuesday I got my hair cut and colored. I'll try and get a pic of the new do up today :) I had a vivanno smoothie as I got my hair did.

Last night four of my bridesmaids came over and helped me put together the favors for Saturday. They were a huge help! There is nothing like good friends ;)

The engagement party colors are orange and green, so the favors are orange and green M&Ms with our names on them and our wedding date. We wrapped the baggies of M&Ms with an orange ribbon and then tied a piece of paper to them with a love lyric from our favorite music artists. We used all love song lyrics and every bag has a different lyric. The fun part is that one of the favors has a lyric from our wedding song on it... but we are not telling anyone which one it is :P

I can't wait to show you the decor for our engagment party. It is so modern. I read that your supposed to do your engagement party the opposite decor of your wedding so that's exactly what we are doing. Our wedding is very vintage and classy, so the colors will be more muted. We decided to go modern, bright, and bold for the engagement party. Here are the engagement party invitations.  The ring is on the tree because it ties in with how he proposed (see Wedding Stuff page). The top of the invite says "He popped the question, she said yes! Now, we're having a party, so be our guest!"

Here are my bridesmaids Kara& Daniella helping me last night...

All finished! Ugh that feels good! I'll get a better picture of the favors at the party in the daylight.

Unpictured is a glass of Riesling and two slices of broccoli pizza I had with the girls while making the favors. 

Happy Wednesday! Be back a little later.


Kelsey said...


mm and i love those mini macaroni cups. thats such a great idea. i love macaroni but i never make it because its just me that eats it and i dont wanna have days of leftovers hanging around. i need to find little bowls like that! <3

Lisa (bakebikeblog) said...

oooh I love those favours! What a great idea :)

And that berry pie....mmmmmmm yum!

the twins said...

all the food looks great. i love the invitations, so cute!

Cassie said...

Thank you!

amanda said...

i love weddings! i especially love those invitations. they are friggin' adorable. and you're right, thank gosh for good friends!