Sunday, June 20, 2010


How was everyone's Saturday? Mine ended up being productive and helped relieve some of the pressure I was feeling. I also had a VERY delicious dinner which always helps :)

My day started with the usual organic raisin bran with skim milk. I buy this brand because I like it and because it has Box Tops for Education on it and we use them to help our school :)

After breakfast, I cleaned the apartment and then did the Cardio X dvd of P90X. This is by far my favorite dvd because it encompasses a little bit of all the P90X dvd's. The dvd starts with about 10 minutes of yoga, then has about ten minutes of KenpoX, followed by 10 minutes of Plyometrics (jump training), and ends with ten minutes of core work. It is the shortest P90X workout which also helps it in being my favorite :)

I new Derek and I had a lot of errands ahead of us so I ate a quick lunch so we could get on the road.

Derek and I went to Target, Home Depot, Micheals, and Party City to get things we needed for our engagement party next week. We got tiki torches to keep the bugs away since it will be outside, the materials we need to make our favors, vases for the centerpieces I also will be making, some scrapbooking materials for after the party, and cards for Father's Day :) While running around I had a chocolate vivianno from Starbucks. I ordered a grande but they gave me a venti. This is how much I drank of it.

Once we were home, I had to quickly get ready because we were heading out to dinner for our friend's birthday. Our best friends Andrew and Monet live in Montclair, NJ. Montclair has a lot of great restaurants and shops so you will see me in that town a lot!

Here is the birthday girl, Monet. She loves dogs so as you can see everyone got her puppy birthday balloons and cards. Derek picked out that balloon for her :)

We decided to try a new place tonight called Halcyon. It is a seafood brasserie.

Monet & I before we went in.

I absolutely fell in love with the decor of the place. It had a lounge feel to it with low couches everywhere and dim lighting. It had a downstairs with a half circle bar and more traditional seating, and an upstairs with all couch sat tables. We sat upstairs. The walla were lined with very cool mirrors  and drapes throughout the whole restaurant.

I drank water tonight only because I knew we would be going out tomorrow for Father's Day and didn't want to feel crappy. I love wine but I am not a big drinker :)


Derek ordered steak tacos. These were extremely tasty! Derek still not has stopped raving about them. They were perfectly seasoned and had huge chunks of steak in them with fresh toppings of salsa, guac, and some kind of hot sauce.

Monet and I both had the special beet, arugala, and warm goat cheese salad to start. It was bigger than I had expected- but that's ok by me! The warm goat cheese was wrapped in grilled zucchini- yum!


Derek got the most beautifully presented pork chop. It was standing on it's side.  It came with cheesy potatoes and string beans. He let me try a little piece and it was cooked to perfection, it was extremely moist which is very important to me when eating pork! I have had some dry pork in my day :p

Monet got the scallops. They were perfectly sweet with exactly the right texture. They almost tasted like french toast.

Andrew got the Paella. I didn't try it but he loved it.

For my main course, I got an app and a side. The salad was big and I new I wasn't hungry enough for a full meal. I got the Alaskan King Crab Legs with a side of broccolini. Both were perfect. I love broccolini because it's not as bitter as broccoli rabe. Tonight's was delicious as it was sauteed in garlic and olive oil- simple but fantastic.

After dinner, while we waited for dessert, Derek wanted to take a photo shoot of us ladies. He asked for "Action shots" haha.

The people sitting next to us thought we were crazy.

Then it was time to sing Happy Birthday to Monet!

Cake Batter ice cream cake... I had a very small sliver ;)

Group shot to end a wonderful night....

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there!


Michelle @ Give Me the Almond Butter said...

I had that cereal just about 5 minutes ago. I love how its basically the healthy version of Rasin Bran

What's Cookin' with Mary? said...

OMG! I must find a cake batter ice cream cake!!! I would be in heaven. Looks like you guys had a great night :) The husband and I went out for our anneversary last night and had a ball. Ate a seafood dinner (great minds?) and enjoyed the sunset :)

Cassie said...

Mary we got the cake at a local ice cream shop but I know that Coldstone makes a red velvet cake and cake batter ice cream cake that is amazing!!!!

Lisa (bakebikeblog) said...

ooooh how good does that goats cheese salad look! YUM!!!

amanda said...

yummy looking food!

what do you think of p90x?? it's becoming all the rage.

Cassie said...

Amanda- I really like P90X because when I do it I feel as though I have a personal trainer right in the room. Yes Tony Horton can get a bit annoying, but the dvds are effective. I don't follow the 90 day program because that is very intense and time consuming as a regular workout routine. But you never get bored with all the workouts, it is effective, and I would recommend them if you are looking to get your body to the next it's next level of fitness. It is not for beginners!