About Me


My name is Cassie, I am from NJ, and this is my third time dabbling into the blog world, so I don't blame you if your doubtful! But this time around things are different. I now have a steady job as a 1st grade teacher, I have my own place to live in instead of trying to get internet out of the basement of my parent's place, and I am engaged to get married! Life finally has started to make sense and I now feel as though I have the time to pursue what I am most passionate about - FOOD!

I love teaching with all my heart, I think it is an extremely fulfilling career... but my passion is tasting new, wholesome,  and exciting foods. I believe in experiencing life through the many tastes it has to offer. In the past three years I have followed food blogs daily and could not wait until the time felt right when I could start my own.

I don't create new recipes (well not yet anyway), and I am no master chef... however I love to eat and talk about about food! I have always taken pictures of my food when I thought the dish was something I never wanted to forget. In fact, my friends make fun of me because of this. I am excited to try and be a part of a community where taking pictures of food is excepted!

My other passions include traveling and fitness. I love keeping my workouts fresh as you will see on this blog. I get bored easily! I have traveled to Paris, California, and Italy in the last three years and had some of the best meals of my life! Here are a few of my pictures from those trips....

I am known to my friends as "The Paparazzi" because of how many photos I could take at one event... oh well!

I will be taking another trip to Italy this July with my entire family and my fiance. My fiances name is Derek and we are set to be married July 2011. I have set a personal goal to be in great shape for the wedding :) I am hoping this blog holds me to my goal!