Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I haven't mentioned it yet, but teaching was not my first profession of choice. I graduated college from Quinnipiac University with a B.A. in Public Relations and Business Management. I actually got a job straight out of college and worked in P.R. for almost three years. I hated doing it, I was very good at it, but dreaded going to work everyday. I was constantly traveling... may sound interesting to some... but I hate traveling alone and when it's weeks at a time for business, it's all not that fun. It took me about a full year after realizing I wanted to quit my job to actually do it. The money and perks were really good and unfortunately those are the things that blind a lot of us from finding true happiness.

Once I came to the realization that this is MY life and I have the power to take control of it and be happy... I got the guts to quit and enroll myself back in school for my teaching certificate. I have ALWAYS wanted to teach, but because of money and other things I was guided in the wrong direction. Ever since my first teaching class - I HAVE NEVER LOOKED BACK! Yes, I make a lot less money then I was in Public Relations... but I don't care. I wake up everyday and I can't wait to get to work. Some things in life are more important than money... I just had to learn that the hard way. I mean at times I miss my weekly massages, my free gym membership, and all the gorgeous cloths I was able to buy... but now I have 24 wonderful students who make not having all those things worth it.

Sorry about my rant but something happened at work Tuesday that made me think about all this and how life has changed for me. Three of my students won awards in the Science Fair!!! Two took third place and one took first! I was so proud. One of the students who took third was such a struggling student when he came to my class in September. He has come so far! When he came back from winning yesterday I gave him a big hug and said "I am sooo proud of you! How did you become so smart?" ... and you know what his response was? Well, he said, "It's because I have the smartest teacher in the world!".... I ALMOST CRIED! Ladies and Gentlemen, this is what life is about.. purpose. Today I felt like I have a purpose... forget the "perks"... this is what makes life worth while.

Anyway my food today ....

Breakfast: Three triple berry mini muffins crumbled in yogurt.

Lunch: Sweet potato nuked.... string cheese, and my last juicy peach.

When I got home from work I was sooo excited to see nice weather, I went on a three mile run. It was lovely but HOT!

Then I cooked dinner... A very easy dinner! Whole wheat pasta with roasted broccoli in tomato sauce, garlic whole wheat ciabatta bread, Caesar salad. I roasted broccoli first with evoo and salt and pepper. Then I heated up sauce and cooked the whole wheat fusili. Once everything was cooked I just mixed it all together and added Parmesan cheese. For the salad I used the Whole Foods light Caesar dressing... this stuff rocks! Even Derek loved it (shhh don't tell him it's light). The garlic bread was easy too... Evoo, garlic, oregano.

There is a new show on Food Network called Cupcake Wars... I am in love! It is so intense and some of the flavors in these cupcakes are so unique. Squid ink cupcakes? Salmon cupcakes? Seaweed cupcakes? I mean really! The show made me crave a delicious cupcake, but I settled for these.

I hope everyone has a Happy Humpday!


Tinka said...

Hi Cassie :)

Definetely bookmarking your page. I'm studying Teaching at the moment, feel exactly the same about the kids making it all worth it.

Have a good day!

Katie said...

I love your passion for teaching! It's the student "perks" that make it worth it for me.

Also, that mango looks phenom.

Cassie said...

Thanks Tinka and Katie!

Lisa (bakebikeblog) said...

I wish there were more teachers with your passion!!!!
Oh and LOVE that dinner - isnt roasted broccoli just the best!!

Cassie said...

Thanks Lisa!